The avirtico GmbH is an agency for virtual studio and real-time graphics, located in Munich.

We offer consultancy, conception, design, realization, integration and training services around augmented reality, virtual studio and real-time graphics. 

Your vision and individual requirements are of primary importance in all our services provided. We consider your idea in an overall concept. Our speciality is in the junction of all disciplines which take part in a production. 

Our focus is always on the product, not on the tools.

Together with you we elaborate the suitable solution. With the realization we focus on transparency. If you wish, we can support you through the whole process of your project until the broadcasting begins.

Since avirtico GmbH was established in 2004, we are increasing our innovation performance throughout our work on national and international projects with large and small client firms.

Over a decade of experience, qualified us to contribute the success of our clients.


We have experience, provide safety and help in decision making. We know your questions, problems and concerns since we have been working with virtual studios, augmented reality and realtime graphics since 1996.


We establish comprehensive concepts and expertise in fields such as creation and expansion, the design or integration of virtual studios, augmented reality and realtime graphic systems. We provide the foundation for further planning. We review the relevance and topicality of existing concepts.


We create and develop new designs for virtual sceneries, virtual studio sets, augmented reality sets, virtual backlots, video wall contents, interfaces, templates and user interfaces. We produce motion graphics, animations, diagrams, charts, backings, info- and weather graphics for your tv programme, event, trade shows or gala.


We realise your ideas, concepts, designs and animations and prepare the material to be ready for broadcasting. We only need photos, drafts, plans or models to create virtual rooms, augmented reality, graphics, diagrams, interfaces and animations.


We take care of customising the interface between virtual studio and real-time graphic systems in matters such as technology, content, dramaturgy and workflow.


We will guide your staff (production, graphics, camera, lights, direction, programming, system administration, marketing and executives) towards the virtual studio real-time graphics environment.


We take care of your production. Completely or parts of it. From planning to implementation. Live or recorded material. Expertise


The virtual studio technology is a further development of the green box procedure. In this procedure real recordings of tracked camera are combined with computer generated images by using a real time compositing processor.

When realising augmented reality, SGI-elements are generated by using a graphics work station and then added to the real image of a camera via fill and key

Real time

Real time graphic is understood as the processing of computer generated graphics in a high frame rate. The user is enabled to make changes in the scene via specific commands with immediate transmission.

This is one of the requirements for a live production of virtual rooms or augmented reality.


The anchor is able to freely operate on the graphics system in real time. Weather, election or sports shows are particularly suitable for this type of control.


A three-dimensional impression of depth can be attained by using two two-dimensional images of an object with slightly different angles.


Individuality, transmission security and performance can be combined by the development and implementation of native plugins.
Basis for this are programming- and script languages such as C, C++,C#.


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